Brian from 2006 to 2018


“In 2006, I was lost. I didn’t have the self-confidence or direction to figure out how to lose weight or feel better about my body. It wasn’t until I reached out to a coach for help that things really started to change for me.” -Brian Murray, Owner of Motive Training. You can read more about his transformation story, here.


In 2009, Brian set out on a journey to learn from the best in nutrition, coaching, and exercise programming. Over the last decade, Brian has been fine-tuning his skills to help people transform from the inside out.


Brian started Motive Training because he saw gaps in how other trainers provided training programs, customer service, and coaching. 


Our philosophy is simple: move with purpose. When you train with intent, great things happen.


A majority of coaching that takes place in Motive revolves around mastery of movement. When you step into our space, prepare to fine-tune the basics, work around pain, and feel better than ever before.


When you sign up with us, you’ll get our undivided attention every session and on every step of your journey. We are relentlessly committed to your success, and we will do whatever it takes to prove that daily.


Personal training and coaching is a side job for some, but this is our LIVES. We wake up every day with the mission to impact as many lives as we can with a coaching program and experience that is completely tailored to YOU.


Brian Murray

Brian has been a trainer and coach for almost a decade and has held certifications through ACE, ONNIT, Bayesian Bodybuilding, and YogaFit. He has worked alongside the likes of Tim Skwiat, Tony Gentilcore, Ben Pakulski and his Mi40 Team, Martin Rooney, Adam Feit, and many more. Brian is a Precision Nutrition Level 2 (Pn2) nutrition coach and currently finishing a Bachelors of Science in Lifestyle Coaching from Arizona State University.

Daniel Montgomery
Personal Trainer

Daniel was immersed in sports from a young age, which fostered a strong interest in exercise and fitness. It didn’t take long for him to discover his purpose in life, so he hit the books and graduated with a degree in exercise science at GVSU. Since then, Daniel has worked with several collegiate sports teams and athletes in Grand Rapids. Most importantly, Daniel understands he’s an ambassador for better health and movement, so he spends a lot of time working with people that want to lose weight, move better, and improve pain/dysfunction. Whether you are seeking to increase athletic performance or just need extra guidance to attain the quality of life you desire, Daniel is your guy.

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