About Motive


2. Do more with less.

3. No pain = MORE gain.

4. Leave better than you came.

5. Always be a student.

There is no standard, so we set one.

Unfortunately, the fitness industry doesn’t hold personal trainers and coaches to a high standard, but credibility and competency mean everything to us.

Brian Murray started Motive Training because he wanted to elevate the client experience, delivering a truly customized, hands-on personal training program.

That’s the way it was meant to be.

We take this coaching thing seriously.

Motive Training uses the best movement and assessment practices known to personal trainers in the fitness industry: Functional Range Conditioning (FRC).

FRC is a world-recognized organization that teaches clients to understand their bodies better and improve joint range of motion. Our entire staff is trained in more than one FRC-based certification, from performing assessments to movement coaching.

Motive Training’s systems revolve around assessing clients individually, giving them the tools and coaching they need to improve how to move for good.

When you step into Motive Training, prepare to fine-tune the basics, improve painful joints, build a resilient body, and feel better than ever before.

Meet our team

Brian Murray, Founder

“When you move with purpose, you intentionally create an atmosphere in your body for growth and change. It’s that extra intent that really makes a difference in your health and fitness goals.” – Brian Murray

Brian has spent the last 10 years fine-tuning his skills as a coach and movement specialist to help people move and feel better than ever before. He has worked with and learned from some of the industry’s most revered coaches and personal trainers, like Adam Bornstein, Tim Skwiat, and Justin Kavanaugh, and he has held multiple certifications through ACE, Precision Nutrition (Pn2), FRCms, FRA, KINSTRETCH, ONNIT, Henselmans, and YogaFit. 

Dan Montgomery, Co-Owner & Manager

Dan was immersed in sports from a young age, which fostered a strong interest in exercise and fitness. It didn’t take long for him to discover his purpose in life, so he hit the books and graduated with a degree in exercise science at GVSU. Since then, Dan has worked with several collegiate sports teams and athletes in Grand Rapids. Most importantly, Dan understands he’s an ambassador for better health and movement, so he spends a lot of time working with people that want to lose weight, move better, and improve pain/dysfunction. Whether you are seeking to increase athletic performance or just need extra guidance to attain the quality of life you desire, Dan is your guy.


RJ Walch, Lead Trainer

RJ began weight lifting in high school to prepare for football, and he quickly appreciated the way exercise made him feel: strong, powerful, and grounded. He learned the value of feeling and being fit and understood that maintaining this feeling was important for longevity and happiness. RJ went on to complete a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Grand Valley State University. RJ says, “I am obsessed with bringing the best possible experience I can to every session and every person that I work with. I get excited when clients leave with a smile on their face because they crushed their workout and were pushed to take that extra step they thought to be impossible.”

Liz Wallinga, Personal Trainer

Liz grew up on the East side of Michigan but was brought to the Westside by GVSU. While at Grand Valley, she spent four years earning her bachelor’s degree in clinical exercise science. She had her internship for two summers at i’move in Spring Lake, where she learned about the importance of addressing joints and movements more holistically. Liz also performed her fieldwork with Positive Vibes, learning more about the importance of core strength and the connection of overall mental and physical health.

This exposure to exercise inspired her to be a personal trainer, and she soon went on to get my certification through ACSM. Liz’s goal is to help you integrate exercise and movement into your lifestyle to make lasting change, and she wants to help you enjoy the process, too.

Josh Coenen, Personal Trainer

Josh grew up playing sports but was frequently getting injured, which led him to many doctor and physical therapy visits. Eventually, Josh discovered that a good strength training program could help decrease the chance of injury and increase performance. His love of sports transformed into a love of weight training and exercise, which pushed Josh to earn his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Western Michigan University. Upon graduating, Josh worked with athletes, hockey teams, and clients of various ages. His main goal is to help those in the Grand Rapids community improve their approach to exercise for the long term while still helping them do the things they love to do in their lives.

Motive makes the difference.

Being personal trainers and coaches is a side job for some, but this is our lives. We wake up every day with the mission to impact as many lives as we can with a coaching program and experience that is completely tailored to you.

Don’t waste another moment with coaches or trainers that don’t take you or your goals seriously. 

Contact us instead. We do personal training right.