Functional Range Assessment (FRA®)

How well can you move?

Most people go through life with physical struggles and ailments that they have learned to deal with. We tolerate things like lower back and neck pain and limited range of motion in body parts that are meant to be flexible and move often.

Our hope is to change that way of thinking.

What is it?

We use the Functional Range Assessment (FRA®) to assess how you move on a joint by joint basis. We will explore everything from your neck all the way down to your toes. Doing so helps us measure and create movement baselines for your unique body, taking the guesswork out of where you need help the most.

Is it worth the investment?

At Motive, we aren’t about just working around the areas that hurt. We want to help you fix it and move better. 

This assessment establishes performance and movement baselines to identify issues and track progress.

You will know exactly where you need to focus to see the results you are hoping for.