Functional Range Assessment (FRA®)

How well can you move?

Most people go through life with physical struggles and joint pain that they have learned to deal with. We tolerate pain and limited range of motion in body parts that are meant to be flexible and move often.

Forget tight hips, lower back pain, and ankles that don’t work. 

Let’s change that way of thinking once and for all.

What is it?

The Functional Range Assessment (FRA®) is a diagnostic tool we use to assess how you move on a joint by joint basis. We will explore everything from your neck down to your toes.

We utilize the findings from the FRA to create movement baselines for your unique body and take the guesswork out of where you need help the most. If you have joint issues of some kind, we’ll get to the root cause and help you fix them or refer you to someone who can.

You will walk away from the FRA having learned something about your body that you didn’t know before.


Flipping traditional exercise on its head.

The standard approach to exercise is to look at things from a “functional” standpoint: can you squat, do push-ups, and deadlift?

We say you have a body full of independent joints, so let’s spend time exploring what those joints can do on their own.

Then we can see how well they coordinate to create movement.

Don't take our word for it—see the results by checking out our case studies.