How can you take a group of people through a fitness class that improves their body while still making it individualized? KINSTRETCH.

Motive’s goal is to create a personalized experience for each client in a one-on-one setting, but we still believe group fitness classes have value; they bring people together, create community, and can provide an affordable way for people to move with intention.

What is it?

KINSTRETCH is a movement system that teaches you how to use and better control your body from your neck down to your toes. Think of it like yoga, but with zero limitations. We can dedicate an entire class to improving how your ankles and wrists work if need be.

You will walk away from every KINSTRETCH class with a better understanding of how to improve joint range of motion and address your body’s individual needs.

Whether you are just starting in your fitness journey or you’re a seasoned veteran, KINSTRETCH can help you learn how to move with intention and make you stronger, healthier, and resilient.

Getting started is easy.

Building a better movement foundation starts from within. You don’t need anything physical for KINSTRETCH besides your body.

However, before you attend to your first KINSTRETCH class, we encourage you to come with an open mind. You will be exploring and learning about your body in ways that have never been shown to you before.


Take your first class and never look back.

Motive’s goal is to build a space to do KINSTRETCH permanently. However, due to class size constraints, we are unable to effectively do KINSTRETCH at the current Motive Training location.

In the meantime, we are doing KINSTRETCH around the community in Grand Rapids. Please follow us on Instagram to see where we’ll be guest hosting KINSTRETCH next!