Online Coaching

Do you feel lost without access to your gym and normal workout routine?

Do you feel like you’re lacking accountability?

Do you have limited equipment at home?

Do you need direction?

We get it. The circumstances aren’t ideal, but we can help.

I’m Brian Murray, owner of Motive Training, and I spent five of the last ten years helping people all over the world via virtual coaching.

I worked with hundreds of clients from around the world, and I helped them train harder, smarter, and better than they thought possible.

Online coaching isn’t for everyone, but for many, it’s the only option they have left.

If there is anyone that understands that online coaching is missing the human element, it’s me.

I worked for one of the highest-regarded online coaching companies in the world, but I quit my job to pursue my an in-person business, Motive Training.

You might not love the idea of virtual coaching, but it can work under the right circumstances and with the right approach.

Our online coaching group is very hands-on, personalized, and detail-oriented.

We can customize any program you need, regardless of your goals.

We’ll work with you no matter your limitations, and we’ll do it seemlessly.

Our in-person clients expect this from us, and you can expect that from us virtually, too.

What’s Included In Online Coaching?


We'll keep you moving forward.

Customized Exercise Programming

We'll work with what you have available to you.

Nutrition Coaching

Learn how and why to eat for YOUR body.

Progress Tracking

We'll help you gauge your progress along the way.

If you’re still contemplating your next move during the shutdown, REACH OUT. We want to work with you if you:

need customized at-home workouts;

are struggling with achy joints or if you can't figure out how to move your body well;

are unsure what to do with the gym equipment you have (or don't have);

are lacking accountability, social support, and direction; and/or

are wanting to have a routine to tide you over until things go back to normal.

We have options for everyone, budget concerns or not. We want to help YOU during this crisis–it’s that simple.

Customized Online Coaching – Apply Here!

100% customized workouts. Equipment not required.

Accountability via daily check-ins and one-on-one coaching.

Long-term goal-setting, progress tracking, and more.

Hands-on nutrition coaching to address all your eating and behavioral needs.

One-Time Payment For 4 Weeks Of Workouts – Name Your Price

Multiple at-home workouts to choose from. Equipment not required.

Accountability via daily check-ins and community-based coaching.

Once you sign up, we will email you with information to get started right away.

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