Personal Training

Do you have negative yet commonly-held beliefs about personal trainers?

When you think of personal training, do the words, “rep-counter, drill sergeant, or stop-watch-starter” come to mind?

We don’t blame you for thinking poorly about our profession, and you’d be right to be skeptical of Motive Training and our services; there are THOUSANDS of coaches and trainers out there doing a haphazard, lackadaisical job.

In reality, personal training is THE most intimate exercise experience you can invest in. Period.

There is nothing like the one on one attention you can get with a well-qualified trainer.

How do we know this? The staff at Motive Training has been around for years, and we’ve seen our fair share of poor-performing trainers, but (thankfully) the good ones usually stand out above the rest. So, while we understand your apprehension with personal training and coaching, we encourage you to curb your worries and fears for the time being.

We know that’s a big request, but the reason is simple: When you sign up with Motive Training, you’ll get our undivided attention every session and on every step of your journey.

We are relentlessly committed to your success, and we will do whatever it takes to prove that daily. Personal training and coaching is a side job for some, but this is what we LIVE to do. We wake up every day with the mission to impact as many lives as we can with a coaching program tailored to you. That is what you can expect when you work with us, just like our previous clients.

That is what you can expect when you work with us, just like our previous clients.


Client Transformation 2-min
Client Transformation-min

What’s Included In Training?


Undivided attention in every session.

Customized Exercise Programming

In and outside of the gym.

Nutrition Coaching

Learn how and why to eat for YOUR body.

Progress Tracking

Goal setting, accountability, and more.

When you’re looking to change your life, ACT! We want to work with you if you are:

stuck and can’t get the scale to budge;

in pain, struggling in the gym, and/or can’t figure out how to get your body to move well;

struggling to put an ounce of muscle in months;

lacking accountability, social support, and direction; and/or

wanting to find a new level of happiness and confidence in your body like never before.

Our schedules fill up quickly so don’t miss a chance at the first step in your journey. You know that’s something you’ll never regret.


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