Personal Training

Embrace your unique body.

Movement is medicine. If you move and do it well, you will be stronger, healthier, and more resilient. But our culture teaches us that movement is one size fits all, which often makes people feel defeated before they even get to know their body and its potential.

Consider all the factors that influence who you are as a human, from your childhood until this exact moment. Now, apply that to your body and how it functions. You may have medical conditions, previous or current injuries, achy joints, chronic back pain, and life stressors. Additionally, you can have structural/bone differences that a regular personal trainer might not even recognize.

Are you interested in a more thorough physical assessment?

We will look at your whole body, joint by joint, to explore areas to improve. This is an evidence-based approach to assessing movement; this is not a gimmicky sales tactic. Sign up for the Functional Range Assessment so we can build you a stronger, more functional body.

Your uniqueness is something we never take for granted.

We harness your uniqueness to help you improve and make significant changes to your body; this is the power of GOOD personal training.

“During my initial consultation with Brian he asked a ton of questions. He asked about the status of my physical health, my environment, my support system, and my “why”. He also put me through a 15 minute workout to assess my mobility.

What stood out most to me was his thorough questioning, which made me feel confident that he wasn’t a coach who would only focus on what I ate and how I moved. He understood the importance of getting a holistic understanding of his clients. He wanted to know who I was and what I value. I have hypothyroidism and Brian knew quite a bit about it so that made me feel like I was in good hands.

My body has completely transformed and I’ve become physically and mentally stronger. My waist, arms, and thighs have slimmed and become more toned. My hips and butt have become more curved and shaped. I’ve never had muscle definition in my arms and legs before training at Motive so it’s something I’m super proud of.”

-Laketa A. 

“Investing in personal training was my last effort to find a lifestyle of wellness while managing chronic illness. Because of my medical conditions, my body hurt all the time, and I thought my body was just broken and wasn’t ever going to move like “a normal person” . In 4 months, the trainers at Motive  taught me about my personal body and where I was strong versus where I needed to focus more time.

Through this training, I gained confidence in what my body is capable of and saw increased movement, weight loss, and decreased pain. Though the weight loss and inches gone are a huge win, the biggest benefit is that I have hope my body will be able to move without pain. I feel empowered to live a life of health. This wouldn’t have happened without the personalized approach Motive takes with each client. “

Megan isn’t the exception; she’s the rule. Clients at Motive Training become stronger, more resilient, and healthier because we provide all the tools they need to see and feel change, and we do it in a way that is completely customized to them.